Why Optimizing Your Facebook Page is Important for SEO


While you may think SEO is only important for websites, it’s also becoming increasingly important for social media sites. For example, a lot of people don’t think about a Facebook page like a website, but it could be used like one. Much like a website, your Facebook page would need to be optimized so search engines could direct your target customers to your brand and important information about your business.

Search engine optimization has changed since Google announced the new hummingbird effect for SEO. Hummingbird is the new name for Google’s latest algorithm and new concept of semantic search with the Knowledge Graph. SEO (search engine optimization) will no longer focus on just keywords or repeatedly used phrases across your content but they will look for more of natural language writing throughout page content. This will be the new approach for SEO that many of us have to adjust whether you are an agency, professional or a business owner working on digital marketing.

Google is looking for conversational writing rather than specific keywords in the content, so make sure you communicate with your users in a direct matter focusing on their needs and wants. SEO (search engine optimization) has slowly changed to SMO (social media optimization) where the focus is writing for your ideal audience and informing them on the benefits of your services or products.

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How this Relates to Your Facebook Page

Facebook is the largest social network in the world with more than 1 million active users. A recent report on Kissmetrics  shows how 50% of Facebook users are more likely to buy the brands they follow or are a Fan of. (Kissmetrics)

Utilize Facebook to help your target audience find your brand and give them valuable content that resonates with their wants and needs. Here is one way to start: the About section of your Facebook page is used as a Meta description when found on a Google search result page (SERP) by a potential prospect.  Here is an example of one of our clients, Doe Run Farms, search result page on Google. As you can see Google pulled up Doe Run Farms Facebook description to explain what they offer:


Here is an example of Doe Run Farms About description section on Facebook that was used by Google to create the meta description:

This means you should pay special attention to completing the About section of your Facebook page. Once you have optimized your Facebook page, the next step is to begin creating unique and useful content for your audience. Delivering relevant content is important but differentiating your brand is a must to reach your audience!

How are you optimizing your Facebook page for SEO?   What are some struggles you are facing when creating content for your business?


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