Why is Social Media Important?

Ssing social media for business brand awarenessThis post is Part 3 of our Business Growth Series.

A primary goal of your business should be to increase brand awareness and get your product or services in front of your target audience. Traditional marketing methods such as print advertising and direct mail campaigns can help you build brand awareness, but we all know that traditional marketing can be very expensive and it is not simple to measure the success of such campaigns. Using social channels in conjunction with other online marketing methods (email, website, pay-per-click advertising) to brand your business will give you the ability to drive more traffic and reach a new audience that you would not reach otherwise at a low cost. Most importantly you are able to measure results by using tools such as Facebook Insights, Google Analytics and more.

Implementing the right social channels will help your business increase brand awareness within your target audience but most importantly connect the brand in a unique and memorable manner. Here are some points to think about when considering social media for your campaign cycle and marketing investment.

1. Gives your brand the human element

Social media gives your brand the opportunity to connect to your customers on a personal level, entertain them during their free time and educate them with valuable information. Pull back the curtain and show your audience the human activities behind the scenes. Many enjoy when companies open up and make them feel like they are part of the brand.  That’s what social media is all about!

2. Builds trust

Customers like to do business with people they trust and feel comfortable with. Utilize social media to demonstrate that you care about your customers’ interests and opinions without broadcasting or yelling your message like traditional marketing. To incorporate social media means to connect, communicate and deliver. In other words connect your brand with the audiences needs and relate with them on a personal level.  Understand what they want and what they are looking for. How is your brand going to solve their problem and how are you going to build a relationship with them? 

3. Extends the message of other campaigns

Social Media is used to support other ongoing campaigns and should not be used alone. You should use social media as a platform to create a two–way conversation with your audience and give them the opportunity to learn about your brand and the benefits of your products or services. Utilizing social media with other marketing channels will integrate information from your website, blog, etc. and increase chances for search engines to locate your content.

4. Increases reach

Every social channel has its own unique demographic and audience it attracts. Having this in mind will assist you when creating custom content for each channel. Use the unique demographic of each social channel to build a community and relationship with an audience that is interested in your product and services. Being available for answering questions and concerns will increase your reach while your audience spreads your message to their friends and family, leading to more exposure for your brand.

5. Allows you to measure results

With traditional marketing you do not have the capability to analyze impressions or views from those that are physically interacting with your message. Implementing a tool like Google Analytics on your website and social media platforms can easily show you your reach, engagement and even behavior of your audience. This gives you the ability to measure the results of each channel and their effectiveness during a campaign. When you have these results you can test one to the other to see which on will convert into a soft or hard lead giving you the ability to place them on the right marketing cycle.

So, now you see why it is so important to incorporate social channels with other marketing campaigns. Not only will social media help with brand awareness, but also the ability to reach new prospects into your sales funnel. We are still early in the game with it being the first week of January, now is the perfect time to sit down and come up with a social media plan to integrate with all your business marketing campaigns for the year.

Do you already have a social media plan for your business? If not, do you think you need one? How are you going to start?


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