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Last week we focused on Google Places and the ways it will benefit your business. You’ve learned that creating a listing with Google Places will help local searchers find your business. The descriptions of the listing and the information provided will inform the searcher where they can learn more about your brand. If you’ve missed this post no worries just click here to read Why is it Essential for your Business to have a Google Places?

This week we will be discussing Google Plus and the different features to familiarize yourself with. Today let’s get into how Google Plus for Business will enhance your search ranking and increase engagement with your audience. You may be thinking you don’t have the time to learn another new social platform, but it is important to at least understand the reasons why Google+ may be a good fit for your business and how it can benefit you.

Google Plus has been around for over two years and has about 540 million monthly active users. The difference between Google+ and other social platforms is that everything that happens in Google+ shows up in Google and can impact your search ranking. To improve your ranking and brand awareness it’s important to know all the benefits of this platform.

Questions we will be going over:

  • What is Google plus for Business?
  • What Services can Google Plus offer my Business?

What is Google plus for Business?

Google Plus for business is a free service provided by Google to help increase business opportunities to connect with others.  Just like any other social media channel out there you are able to share content, pictures and videos with your audience. Google uses the information you post to your Google plus Page to understand who you are, what your business relates to (industry, topics) and what other people say about you. Google plus has made it possible for your customer to show their appreciation with ratings and reviews, which also helps with Google Places.  Your customers are also able to use the 1+ button to endorse your content, and re-share your post across the web. When you deliver valuable content that receives high engagement, Google will recognize your brand. This can increase opportunities for your content to appear as one of the top results for relevant and related topics in Google search results.

What Services can Google Plus offer my Business?

There are many services Google plus has to offer businesses to grow their communities and engagement among their audience. Here’s a list of services I will be discussing today: Circles, Hangouts, YouTube, Google+1 and SEO ranking.

Google Circles

Every business wants to create a community and grow their following. Google+ has made it easy to connect with other people who have the same passion for your products or services. The circle features was designed as a way for people to network with each other online as they do offline. You can create circles on Google+ to separate relationships between the people you know in person from others that you’ve met online.

Here are some examples of circles you can create:

  • Coworkers
  • Competitors
  • Customers
  • Influencers in your Industry

The best thing about this feature is that you have total control over how you organize your circles. You can also ask people in your circles if you can send them information on a specific subject making it easier and efficient to communicate with everyone differently.

YouTube and Google Hangouts

YouTube is the third most popular site in the world and by using it with Google Hangout it’s even more powerful. A hangout is an instant messaging and video chat platform that bring conversations to life with colleagues, coworkers or business partners. Google Hangout is simple, just choose who you want to meet within your circle and create group meetings, discussions and more. While on hangout calls any users are able to share their screen and documents with anyone in the group. Not only can you call other people in your circle you can also conduct a Hangout live, on air. You can have up to 10 people participate in the panel and an unlimited number of people viewing the panel at the same time.  Hangouts live, on air are automatically streamed on YouTube and can also be recorded and archived.  This creates possibilities for companies to showcase their products, have live shopping and create live Q/A sessions for customers to engage and learn more about the brand.

Google +1 and SEO Ranking

 What is a Google +1? There is a +1 icon displayed at the bottom of each comment on your Google Plus Profile. This +1 icon gives others a way to show that they recommend or approve on what they’ve read or seen. Multiple +1’s indicate that your content is interesting. This feature was created to increase engagement among your audience and their friends. If they +1 something it’s more likely to display the content to their friends as a search result.

So, how is this going to help your SEO ranking? A study from Moz and others has shown that Google +1s are now the second most important factor in increasing your SEO rank. It’s imperative to focus on what your business is sharing because if you post relevant content that receives a lot of +1’s, comments and reshares, your content will rank higher in search results when potential customers are searching for a product or service related to yours.

Google has many products and services that will help your business increase brand awareness and traffic. I’ve chosen Google Plus to help you understand the possibilities and opportunities you have to build a community and increase engagement. Providing value to your audience will help you create relationships with your customer as if you were face to face with them. Take advantage of the services available to you so you can become the go to business in your industry. Which one of these services are you going to try this week to help your business grow?

Let’s continue this conversation on Google Plus comment below with your Google+ URL.


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