How to Leverage Crowdfunding Technology to Win New Customers or Raise Funds


That’s the number of projects presented on Kickstarter in Orlando alone. They range from the development of an iOS game called “CatBoop” to an individual looking to fund his entire honeymoon through Kickstarter.

It’s no secret that more and more people are turning to crowdfunding technology to raise funds for personal goals they wish to accomplish or jump start new projects. But did you know you could leverage this technology to win new customers for your business or raise funds for your non-profit?

Step 1: Get a Dedicated, Privately Branded Crowdfunding Website

ftgp-websiteSites like Kickstarter have a lot of potential when it comes to raising funds for individuals, but they aren’t necessarily concerned with the success of your project. Anyone and everyone can present a project on Kickstarter, putting you in direct competition with each CatBoop and Mr. Honeymoon in your locale. Even worse, you don’t collect any funds unless your project meets its fundraising goal within the allotted time period. For a non-profit, this could mean spending time and energy on a project with no guarantee your organization will ever see those funds.

Having a dedicated crowdfunding website complete with your logo and branding solves the above problems while taking away all the stress of competition. You have your own functioning, multi-page website that can be used as your primary website or linked from your existing website’s homepage. Better yet, only your projects are presented. With a crowdfunding website from ijenti, you’ll also receive your funds regardless of whether or not your project meets its financial goal.

Step 2: Put the Spotlight on Charity

Many people think of crowdfunding in the traditional sense and don’t realize its potential for businesses and non-profits alike. As a business owner, think outside the box by using crowdfunding to sponsor a local charity. Or, if you’re looking for more effective ways to raise funds for your non-profit, then trade in the traditional “donate” button for a much more sophisticated crowdfunding system that has big fundraising potential.

No matter whether you’re a for-profit or non-profit organization, there are many benefits to utilizing crowdfunding technology.

For your business (for-profit), using a crowdfunding website to sponsor a charity:
1. Provides funds for the charity
2. Reflects favorably on the image of your business in the local community
3. Wins new customers for your business

For your non-profit, using a crowdfunding website to raise funds:
1. Provides a low cost way to raise funds with more capabilities than the traditional donate button
2. Creates excitement and urgency through the use of reward strategies
3. Puts your campaign in front of new potential donors with social media integration

This process is a win-win for your business or non-profit, presenting you in a favorable light with your local community while also winning you new customers or donors with the help of steps 3 and 4 below.

Step 3: Offer Rewards

These next two steps are where winning new customers and donors really come into play. In order to stimulate donations, crowdfunding websites offer a means to present rewards to donors.


For example, one of our dental clients recently used the following rewards for their crowdfunding campaign:

A $50 coupon for future dental work with $25 donation
A free new patient exam with $99 donation
A $300 coupon for future dental work with $150 donation
A $1,000 coupon towards Invisalign work

The campaign succeeded in raising $5,800 for a local Nashville charity and gained the client 24 potential new customers!

By offering rewards on your dedicated crowdfunding website, you encourage donations and get others excited to spread the word about the campaign.

Step 4: Harness the Power of Social Media

spreadthewordSocial media links are one of the easiest ways to encourage others to spread the word about your campaign. These links can be easily shared with family, friends, customers, prospects and others and lead them back to your crowdfunding website.

Social media links also offer a great opportunity for anyone to help raise awareness for your campaign, especially those who may not be able to make a monetary donation. By giving people multiple ways to help and take action, you increase the chances of getting your campaign in front of more eyes.

Crowdfunding isn’t only for those who want to kick-off a new project or business venture, it’s also a great tool for established businesses and non-profit organizations looking for creative ways to support the local community and get their business in front of new prospects. If used in the right way following the steps presented above, a crowdfunding website may be just what you need to grow your organization and gain new customers and donors.

If you’re interested in learning more about ijenti’s crowdfunding websites, click either image below to download our free brochures.




Stephanie Patterson

Stephanie Patterson is the Vice President of Operations at ijenti. She enjoys interfacing with clients to design and manage marketing strategies that suit the unique needs of each business.

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