4 Reasons To Trade the “Donate” Button for a Crowdfunding Website

What do these 3 website images all have in common?


ASPCA. Make a Wish. Unicef. All 3 of the above websites are for non-profit organizations popular enough to be household names, and all 3 are using almost identical systems to collect donations: the very popular “donate” button.

The donate button is a widely used method for collecting donations online, yet it’s also incredibly limited when it comes to raising funds for an organization. While some systems allow donors to choose which project or sector of the organization to send their money to, most systems simply collect donor information and payment and that’s the end of it. While this is a fine method for collecting funds, it does little to stimulate donations or spread the word about the organization.

So how can non-profits make their collection methods more exciting and involved for donors? Simple: through the use of a dedicated crowdfunding website.

Single Project or Multi Project

One of the standout features of any crowdfunding system is the campaign/project approach. Instead of presenting an organization and collecting donations for the organization as a whole like the donate button, crowdfunding websites focus on individual projects and causes your organization wishes to support. We take this one step further by making crowdfunding websites with single or multi project capability. That means that your organization can present and collect donations for several projects you wish to raise funds for all from one place.

Below is an example of an organization using a crowdfunding website to present several projects within the organization:



The reward feature is another capability that sets crowdfunding websites apart from the donate button and typical online giving systems. While the donate button works for those who go to the organization’s website with the intent of making a donation, it does little to capture the attention of potential donors who may not be aware of the organization or may be on the fence about donating.

Using a crowdfunding website and presenting rewards for each donation level is a great way to stimulate donations while also creating a buzz about your campaign. When people come across something they like and feel is beneficial, they’re more likely to share and promote it. By offering donors with great rewards for supporting your organization or sponsors, your campaign has a greater chance of success.

Social Media Integration

socialmediaintegrationAfter making a donation through a typical online giving system, donors usually receive an automated thank you email or receipt of their donation. Aside from making the donation itself, there is little opportunity given to the donor to interact further with the organization.

Non-profits obviously recognize the power of social media. For example, look at the recent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which has succeeding in raising over $15 million for the organization after going viral on social media. However, you don’t need to think up the next “Ice Bucket Challenge” in order to get your campaign attention on social media sites.

Crowdfunding websites both recognize and utilize the power of social media to promote campaigns. Through the use of social media sharing icons, it’s easier for donors to take action and spread the word about your campaign to their friends, family, etc. It also provides those who wish to help but can’t donate with a method to take action and help the organization.

Single Sponsor or Multi-Sponsor

Many non-profit organizations have sponsors, why not feature them on your website? Crowdfunding websites allow you to do just that. You can present one or multiple sponsors, and each sponsor can present their own set of rewards to donors. This encourages donations while also tapping into the networks of your organization’s sponsors, greatly increasing the reach of your campaign.

For example, say your organization has an upcoming 5k with many local businesses sponsoring the event. By using a multi-sponsor crowdfunding website, each sponsor is able to set a fundraising goal and set of rewards for donors. Each sponsor is presented on a single, dedicated crowdfunding website.

Crowdfunding websites are an incredibly powerful took for raising funds, and the possibilities are endless. Having a means for collecting funds that offers rewards, social media integration and multi-project, multi-sponsor capabilities greatly improves your chances of increasing donations and is much better than the standard “donate” button.

If you’d like to learn more about how crowdfunding websites can help your non-profit organization, click on the image below to download our brochure:

Non-profit Crowdfunding Brochure

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