3 Ways Social Media can Grow your Business

Social-Media-BusinessDigital Marketing has changed the way companies position their brands to reach new potential prospects and keep existing customers happy.  As social media evolves in the upcoming years, many small businesses may need to modify their social strategies and understand it may not be free of cost. However, new opportunities will emerge leading to new ideas for current campaigns.

In the next few paragraphs, I will discuss brand awareness and the steps a person takes to enter the sale process. I will also explain how exposure, influence and engagement through social media marketing can be profitable for your business and generate ROI (return on investment).

Brand Awareness: Brand awareness is defined as a measurement of how your ideal audience views your brand online and their level of interest in your content.

The strategy behind brand awareness is to expose, influence and engage your audience and understand where they fall within your business goal. Exposure is used for brand reach, influence determines how many influencers helped spread your content and engagement is how the audience interacted with your brand.

#1:   Social Media Exposure

 What is your business goal? Every business would like many people to experience their product or services and that’s the idea behind social media exposure. Many are misinformed and believe they need to be on every social media platform, but that is not true.  When you have a clear understanding of your sales funnel and your audience, choosing a few social media platforms that correlate with your business goal will maximize your brand reach within your target audience in your industry.

You may think social media should be used alone, but in reality it should be used to amplify other ongoing campaigns.  Content is king and it will boost online exposure, so if you are delivering useful information more people will interact and more likely they will remember your brand. Social media exposure gives you the chance to get in front of potential prospects you could have never reached through traditional marketing. This is why it is essential these days to create a solid social media strategy that will benefit your target audience and reinforce your traditional marketing.

#2:   Influence

This step of the sales process is when a person has been exposed to your brand by influencers in your industry.  When your audience has seen your brand through an influencer’s eyes, they are more likely to convert. Influencers in the industry have an important role because they have large communities that are loyal and trust their opinion. This is crucial to understand because being mentioned by an influencer leads to greater impact and sales opportunities.

Social media is about being social, so interacting with the influencers in your space will help you reach your audience. To determine ROI measure results by analyzing trends and behaviors towards your content that is most popular with influences in your industry.  This gives you the ability to improve your content and analyze what is currently working.

#3:   Engagement

Engagement is when anyone takes physical action to communicate with your brand. Engagement is the largest concept for measuring the success of social media and this is where the value begins in the sale process.

Paying attention to your audience’s interests and behaviors will provide information on how your audience interacts with your brand. This gives you the chance to create valuable content to increase the reach of your target audience and entice them to visit your website. Engagement will determine the percentage of soft and hard leads that are interacting with your website and signing up for your email newsletter.  This leads to the opportunity to connect with your followers, start a two way communication with them and show them what you have to offer.


Creating a social media strategy with these three categories in mind will help you stay focused on the steps you want your audience to take to get to know your brand. You will also gain a better understanding of where your audience is positioned in the sales process and where to begin building relationships. Focus on building relationships with your audience and provide them with great content and sooner or later you will see your return on investment grow.  Using social media to grow your community can take time, but it is well worth it when you have a strategy in place.

These three steps will help you understand where social media and the business goal meets to be able to increase revenue. Now, that you know where social media fits in your marketing plan it’s time to locate your audience in the sale funnel and create content that will fit their needs. How are you going to use these steps to increase your business awareness? 


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