3 Simple Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Business


“A picture is worth a thousand words,” and the prediction for 2014 is that visual marketing will improve social media marketing efforts. Because of this, many marketing departments are looking for ways to implement Pinterest into their marketing plan. Pinterest is a relatively new social media platforms, but it has already made a name for itself in its infancy. Data has shown Pinterest has been extremely effective and has improved traffic to business’ websites and blogs. In a study taking place from September 2012 to September 2013, it was discovered that Pinterest drove more referral traffic to publishers than Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn combined (via MarketingLand.)

Additional stats:

With the social media market constantly evolving and so many social platforms available, it can be difficult and overwhelming to choose which platforms are the most suitable for your business. So, why should you consider another platform like Pinterest?

One of the main reasons to start using Pinterest for your business is that visual marketing is rapidly growing in popularity, but Pinterest also gives your business the chance to share your brand personality, share your story, and create a partnership with your ideal customers! This post will give you some ideas for how to use Pinterest for your business. Below are 3 ways to use Pinterest for your business:

1. Brand Personality

Pinterest launched three years ago and since then their momentum and activity has been growing rapidly. Businesses can take advantage of creating a personal brand opening the opportunity to build trust and loyalty among the community.  Pinterest is a social channel that is a great place to express your business story with fewer words and more images of the business. Pinterest has taken curation of content another level for businesses, and has allowed them to become more inspirational and unique through their content. Keep in mind this platform was designed for an audience to create their own motivational boards to express their interests, passions and desires. Implementing your products and services throughout the different categories in Pinterest will increase searchability.

2. Share your Story

Take full consideration of the reasons why your audiences are on Pinterest; they are there to express their interest by creating boards of beautiful images of products they want to purchase, places they want to travel and experiences they want to create for their personal lives. Businesses that have a presence on Pinterest have the opportunity to connect with their community in a fun and pleasant way without pushing any sale. This gives your audience the chance to understand your brand and focus on the things they most enjoy. Share beautiful high resolution images and valuable information to each of your boards to help complete your brand story.

3.  Partnership

Invite others to partner up with your boards that are relevant to your content. This way you have the chance to share and expand your network and post valuable information to one board among many users.  Reach and connect with others that have a larger following and become the industry influence where others will benefit from tips and advice that is provided. When you create a guest board this gives you the opportunity to engage and interact with your audience. Inviting your audience to get involved on your boards will influence and encourage them to pin on the topic of the boards. Your audience will become evangelists for your brand and create the buzz among their communities. The ability to create possibility is an important element of exposure and the opportunity to reach more of your target audience through other boards:  For an example of a partnership board check out our ijenti Technology News Tools board ;where you will see multiple users collaborating and sharing images about the same topic.


As you can see there are multiple ways to use Pinterest to create interest for your business within the community. Implementing Pinterest with your other campaigns will boost your brand awareness, lead generation and customer retention.   This is the opportunity for your business to tell a story everyone wants to be a part of and share among their community.  For more tips and ideas on how to use social media within your marketing campaigns sign up for our email list at ijenti.

What do you think? Do you think your company can benefit from these ideas for the next marketing campaign?  Include your comments and questions below.


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